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Welcome to the Buoy wiki!

Buoy is a free and open source technology for connecting users with friends and allies in times of need. It exists to empower you and your communities with a decentralized, customized, alternative crisis response system that does not rely on intervention by the police, other government services, or corporations.

Here are a few good starting points for folks who want to contribute to the project or talk with us about it:

The basics

We also have a Frequently Asked Questions page that addresses common technical, privacy, and philosophical concerns.

Contributing code, artwork, translations, and more

  1. Start by reading our Contributor guidelines.
  2. Look through open issues on our issue tracker. Feel free to tackle any open issue you feel up for. (Learn more about how we label issues.)
  3. Set up a local Buoy development environment.
  4. Consult the rest of this wiki for more information.

We also welcome donations to support our team of dedicated volunteers.

Talking with the team

Visit the Better Angels wiki to learn more about our other projects.

Using Buoy

Every person who uses Buoy helps to make it better. Want to get involved?

You can also take a peek at the attention Buoy is getting in the media.

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