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Markdown MediaWiki Extension


This is a relatively simple extension for MediaWiki that allows Markdown instead of Wiki markup in articles. This extension uses erusev's Parsedown and, optionally, Parsedown Extra libraries.


  • Download this extension (grab the latest from releases)
  • Extract this extension into $mw/extensions/Markdown where $mp is that path to your MediaWiki installation
  • Download Parsedown and place it in $mw/extensions/Markdown
  • (Optional) Download Parsedown Extra and place it in $mw/extensions/Markdown
  • Add the following to $mw/LocalSettings.php:


By default, all of your articles will now be parsed using Markdown instead of Wiki markup. If you have a wiki with articles already, you will either need to convert them to Markdown or put the {{WIKI}} tag at the very beginning of the article to tell this extension not to run.

You can make Markdown parsing optional by setting $wgMarkdownDefaultOn to false and adding {{MARKDOWN}} at the beginning of any articles you want Markdown parsing on. Look at the settings to see more about configuring this extension.


There are a handful of settings available to configure this extension:

Setting Since Default Description
$wgMarkdownDefaultOn 0.1 true If this is set to false, an article must start with {{MARKDOWN}} to be parsed for Markdown.
$wgMarkdownToggleFormat 0.1 {{%s}} The {{%s}} syntax is used by MediaWiki for templates. While this should not be a problem in most cases, you can change the tag boundries if problems arise.
$wgMarkdownWikiLinks 0.1 true If enabled, links will be run though WikiMedia's linkifier so it can properly generate local links among other things. This functionality is a little experimental, so disable it if it is causing problems.
$wgMarkdownExtra 0.1 false If enabled, Parsedown Extra will be loaded and used. Note: Make sure Parsedown Extra is downloaded before enabling this.
$wgMarkdownHighlight 0.2 false If enabled, attempts to load Highlight.js.
$wgMarkdownHighlightJs 0.2 null The path to the Highlight.js JavaScript file.
$wgMarkdownHighlightCss 0.2 null The path to the Highlight.js CSS file.

Settings should go in your LocalSettings.php file after including the extension.


// LocalSettings.php
// ...

$wgMarkdownExtra        = true;
$wgMarkdownHighlight    = true;
$wgMarkdownHighlightJs  = '//';
$wgMarkdownHighlightCss = '//';
// ...