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ChatGPT Plugin: Bibliography Generator

Simplifying Scientific Research with AI and Crossref

Ever wished your AI could talk science without making stuff up? Now it can! We're using the power of GPT-4 Plus and a tool called Crossref to make sure your AI speaks real science, not science fiction.

With our tool, GPT-4 Plus doesn't just guess or make up scientific references - it pulls them from Crossref, a massive database of real scientific articles and papers. So, when you ask about a scientific topic, you get accurate, reliable information, complete with real DOI numbers.

Plus, with Zotero, you can save and manage all the cool scientific discoveries you find.

Ready to make your AI speak real science? Join us and turn your AI into your personal science expert!

We're not just making research easier; we're democratizing knowledge. Join us in this revolution to make science accessible to all!

Embedding Bibliography Plugin into ChatGPT


  • Access to the ChatGPT web interface where plugins can be added.


  1. Access the Plugin Management Section. Navigate to the section of the ChatGPT web interface where you can manage plugins.

  2. Add a New Plugin. Click on the 'Add Plugin' button.

  3. Enter the Plugin URL. In the field provided, enter the URL of the bibliography plugin:

  4. Confirm Addition of the Plugin. Click the 'Confirm' button to finalize the addition of the new plugin.

  5. Test the Plugin. Once the plugin is added, it should be available for use with ChatGPT. Test it by initiating a conversation related to bibliography or citation search.

Now, you can ask ChatGPT to find publications for a topic, suggest DOIs or save publications to your Zotero project.

You can try the Bibliography Generator Plugin API without access to ChatGPT here:{<enter_your_search_query>}

The OpenAPI manifest YAML can be accessed here:

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A ChatGPT Plugin to access real-world scientific publications







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