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BigDataCloud Free Reverse Geocoding Javascript API Client

A frontend Javascript client for using the Free Reverse Geocoding API provided by BigDataCloud This client works without any Javascript dependencies and has no API key or account requirement... Simply load it up and start Reverse Geocoding your customer's locations.

Recent Changes


This client now supports graceful fallback when a user denies accessing their device location. You can now get high quality location information on your users even when they do not provide their latitude/longitude. This feature is only available in client-side use (see Usage limits below for more information) To find out how this works, view this news article.


Documentation specific to this Free API Client is detailed below. For more information on other available APIs, please visit our API area.

Authentication / Identification

There is no authentication or identification required to use this API or client. You may use this API and client for Free without an account.

Usage Limits

This client-side API is completely FREE for both commercial and non-commercial use, including unlimited usage with no throttling or limitations. This particular API is for client-side use only. Any user found abusing this service by implementing it server-side will be blacklisted from all of our free Api Services. If you wish to utilise this Reverse Geocoding API in your backend applications, please visit our server-side variation of this API for pricing details.

Manual Installation

  1. Download the included javascript file and place it in a publically accessible location
  2. Include the script tag <script src="bigdatacloud_reverse_geocode.js" type="text/javascript"></script> before your code execution
  3. Initiate the Reverse geocode API Client as per the below example

CDN Installation

  1. Include the CDN script tag <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script> before your code execution
  2. Initiate the API Client and make the required calls as necessary

Example usage

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">

    /* Initialise Reverse Geocode API Client */
    var reverseGeocoder=new BDCReverseGeocode();
    /* Get the current user's location information, based on the coordinates provided by their browser */
    /* Fetching coordinates requires the user to be accessing your page over HTTPS and to allow the location prompt. */
    reverseGeocoder.getClientLocation(function(result) {

    /* Get the administrative location information using a set of known coordinates */
        latitude: -33.8688,
        longitude: 151.2093,
    },function(result) {

    /* You can also set the locality language as needed */

    /* Request the current user's coordinates (requires HTTPS and acceptance of prompt) */
    reverseGeocoder.getClientCoordinates(function(result) {


Example output

    "latitude": "-33.8688",
    "longitude": "151.2093",
    "localityLanguageRequested": "en",
    "countryName": "Australia",
    "principalSubdivision": "New South Wales",
    "locality": "Sydney",
    "localityInfo": {
        "administrative": [{
            "order": 1,
            "adminLevel": 2,
            "name": "Australia",
            "description": "country in Oceania",
            "isoName": "Australia",
            "isoCode": "AU",
            "wikidataId": "Q408"
        }, {
            "order": 2,
            "adminLevel": 4,
            "name": "New South Wales",
            "description": "state of Australia",
            "isoName": "New South Wales",
            "isoCode": "AU-NSW",
            "wikidataId": "Q3224"
        }, {
            "order": 3,
            "adminLevel": 7,
            "name": "Sydney",
            "description": "capital city of New South Wales, Australia",
            "wikidataId": "Q3130"
        }, {
            "order": 4,
            "adminLevel": 6,
            "name": "Council of the City of Sydney",
            "description": "municipality"
        }, {
            "order": 5,
            "adminLevel": 10,
            "name": "Sydney",
            "description": "central business district of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia",
            "wikidataId": "Q1852577"


A frontend Javascript (JS) client for using the Free Reverse Geocoding API provided by BigDataCloud







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