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Miscellanous scripts which don't warrant a repository of their own
Perl CSS Shell Perl6 HTML
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auto-name-incoming Wow, this script was crap. De-crapify somewhat.
avoid-moo-reapage Executableness.
backup-google-stuff Make Google contact backups work again.
bot-basicbot-modules Crude module to ignore people addressing bot too often.
chart-strip-cli-grapher Support configurable title and dimensions
cpants-scores Quick script to parse CPANTS scores
dancer-init.d Silly syntax error
darts-scoring-practice Simple, silly script to practice darts scoring.
diffr -l option to just list differing files.
dnstiming dnstiming - a basic script to compare DNS resolver performance
find-duplicate-files Simple script to identify duplicate files by their content.
log-ntl-cablemodem-stats Apply auth patch from Jeff Fern.
log-vm-superhub-stats New log-vm-superhub-stats.
lottery-pick Silly little script I never committed for some reason
luton-flight-monitor Urgh, indirect syntax
minecraft-stats-reporting Add coal emerald redstone lapis ratios.
mp3-rename Import this old script into misc-scripts repo.
munin_am2302_dht I meant $?, not $!
mysqldump-backups Simple MySQL backups to .sql text files.
nagios_3ware_raid_check Add more verbose debugging output.
nagios_adaptec_raid_check Adding this to the repo.
nagios_network_errors chmod +x
nagios_rdiffbackup_check Detect if backup is currently running.
nagios_sensors_check Add synopsis to README.pod
nagios_smart_log A brief readme.
odyssey-bookings-to-gcal Remove a debug message
photo-frame-populate Adding photo-frame-populate script.
retag-by-filename s/auto/audio/
rsync-log-collate TODO note
show-tags Adding show-tags - simple Perl script to show ID3 tags.
stevenage-rubbish-reminder Add reminders to calendar instead.
tabulate Better example
tagtrack tagtrack - set ID3 tags on audio files
vine-queue-watcher Er, ASINs can be alphanumeric.
xchat-plugins Push old XChat plugins here.
test Just testing GH hooks.
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