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🎉 A list of awesome things created with RaspAP
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$ raspap-awesome Awesome

This list is a collection of projects, tutorials, public access points, GitHub forks and applications either based on or using RaspAP as a component in one form or another.

Contributions are very welcome. See contributing.

Why this repo?

The open source community is doing amazing things with RaspAP. Just when we think we've seen it all, something new and unexpected comes along. With the low cost of the Raspberry Pi and the ease of setup with our famous Quick Installer, RaspAP-powered projects are popping up all over the globe. Do you run a public or personal access point powered by RaspAP? Have an innovative project you've developed with it? Showcase your resource here.


WiFi Access points



Other resources


Contribution guidelines can be found here.


CC0 - "No Rights Reserved".


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