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This library is a high-level abstraction over the Websockets API


  1. Promise based, all network calls return a promise that is resolved when response is received, request response mapping is handled out of the box
  2. Automatic reconnect when disconnection, including resubscribe to subscription made before disconnection

Usage in the Browser

var api = new LiveApi();
api.getPortfolio();'portfolio', function(data) {
    // do stuff with portfolio data

Usage From Node

Install a WebSockets library like 'ws'

npm init
npm install ws --save
npm install binary-live-api --save

Alternatively, you can add the library to your project with the following link: - or to fix to a specific version, put the version number in the URL as follows:

Require the library and then pass it to LiveApi's constructor.

var ws = require('ws');
var LiveApi = require('binary-live-api').LiveApi;

var api = new LiveApi({ websocket: ws });
api.getPortfolio();'portfolio', function(data) {
    // do stuff with portfolio data

For all available calls, please check here

Experimental feature (Not for production)

support RxJs

User can opt to use observables API instead of Promise API by passing useRx = true in constructor, like below

var api = new LiveApi({ useRx: true });      // return Observable, instead of Promise

No more global events ~!! as Stream is now modelled as observables, you can pass it around, instead of listening to global event. This will allow better composition of streams, right now it only include rx.lite, thus not all observables operator are supported, all supported operators can be check here


var api = new LiveApi({ useRx: true });
var r100TickStream = api.subscribeToTicks('R_100');

// silly example, but to illustrate you can now operate on them independently
var epochs ={return json.tick.epoch});
var quotes ={return json.tick.quote});

To deploy as library on gh pages

run gulp deploy to deploy library to origin/gh-pages

run gulp deploy-prod to deploy library to upstream/gh-pages

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