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Webtrader Build Status

This repository contains HTML, Javascript, CSS, and images for WebTrader website.

Project goal

The goal of this project is to create a full-screen trading interface for according to the following design: Webtrader


    * git
    * node JS
    * npm

How to work with this project

    $ git clone
    $ cd webtrader
    $ npm install
    $ npm run build #compiles the project
    $ npm start #Start a local server and serve the compiled files

Running this command will launch local server at http://localhost:9001

Since backend needs an https web address for oauth app register if you intend to debug oauth login on localhost, you need to modify your /etc/hosts file. For example the https://webtrader.local/ token in src/oauth/app_id.josn is registered to https://webtrader.local/ address, you need to do the following in order to use it locally.

Add this line to your /etc/hosts file. webtrader.local

Use this command to run your local server on https.

    $ sudo node_modules/.bin/grunt connect:https

Use this command to watch the files.

    $ node_modules/.bin/grunt && node_modules/.bin/grunt watch:https

Go to https://webtrader.local:35729 and accept the self signed ssl certificate for grunt livereload.

Now you can debug your app on https://webtrader.local/ locally.

To bump release version, run

    $ npm major-rel
    $ npm minor-rel
    $ npm patch-rel

Every check-in or merge into master will trigger travis-ci build and do a release to production.

Every check-in or merge of PR into development will trigger travis-ci build and do a beta release


Translation related files are in /translations folder.

To extract text for translation:

    $ npm run build
    $ cd ./translations
    $ python
    $ # extracts string literals from `dist/uncompressed` (from *.html and *.js)
    $ # for merging `.po` files uses `msgmerge` command line tool.

The tool should be available on linux, if you are on Osx try brew install gettext && brew link gettext --force. to submit text to translators: push to translation branch, weblate hook will be triggered.

To see CrowdIn In-Context translations pass querystring ?lang=ach (obs not for production env)


In order to contribute, please fork and submit pull request by following all the above mentioned coding rules. While submitting your PR, make sure that you deploy your code to your forked gh-pages by running following command, so that the reviewer can have a look at the deployed code:

    $ grunt deploy-branch
    For releasing compressed code