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BinaryAI Python SDK

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  • The current SDK and service are no longer maintained.
  • We are currently working on a new version. Stay tuned for our upcoming launch in 2022!

BinaryAI is a Neural Search Engine for binaries developed by Tencent Security KEEN Lab, aiming to help security researchers match the most similar source codes in a given binary.

BinaryAI provides three ways to access core APIs of BinaryAI Search Engine framework.

  1. Python SDK

    BinaryAI provides users with the ability to write custom tools to analyze binaries.

  2. IDA plugin

    BinaryAI provides an IDA plugin to assist reverse engineering analysis with the IDA Pro user interface. The IDA Pro plugin enables users to apply BinaryAI retrieval results from source codes of millions of functions in the cloud to the file loaded in IDA Pro with a few clicks.

  3. Command line tool

    The command line tool now facilitates users with easy access to install the IDA plugin.

Additional Reading

Order Matters: Semantic-Aware Neural Networksfor Binary Code Similarity Detection

CodeCMR: Cross-Modal Retrieval For Function-Level Binary Source Code Matching