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Package Status

Bintray Windows Linux & macOS
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Bincrafters packages can be found in the following public Conan repository:

Bincrafters Public Conan Repository on Bintray

Note: You can click the "Set Me Up" button on the Bintray page above for instructions on using packages from this repository.


If you wish to report an issue or make a request for a Bincrafters package, please do so here:

Bincrafters Community Issues

General Information

This GIT repository is managed by the Bincrafters team and holds files related to For detailed information about Bincrafters and, please visit the following resources:

Bincrafters Wiki - Common README

Bincrafters Technical Documentation

Bincrafters Blog

License Information

Bincrafters packages are hosted on Bintray and contain Open-Source software which is licensed by the software's maintainers and NOT Bincrafters. For each Open-Source package published by Bincrafters, the packaging process obtains the required license files along with the original source files from the maintainer, and includes these license files in the generated Conan packages.

The contents of this GIT repository are completely separate from the software being packaged and therefore licensed separately. The license for all files contained in this GIT repository are defined in the file in this repository. The licenses included with all Conan packages published by Bincrafters can be found in the Conan package directories in the following locations, relative to the Conan Cache root (~/.conan by default):

License(s) for packaged software:


Note : The most common filenames for OSS licenses are LICENSE AND COPYING without file extensions.

License for Bincrafters recipe:

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