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HTTP(s) proxy server base on tornado, in one file!
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Usage: pyproxy [OPTIONS]


  --bind                           addrs that debugger bind to (default
  --config                         config file
  --debug                          debug mode (default False)
  --help                           show this help information
  --username                       proxy username
  --password                       proxy password
  --port                           the port that debugger listen to (default


1 Use as http/https proxy

curl -x http://localhost:8888/

2 with GET/POST parameters

curl http://localhost:8888/anypath?method=POST&url=

3 pass params with JSON (work with GET parameters as well)

curl -d '{"url": "","method": "GET", "headers": {"User-Agent":"Baidu"}}' http://localhost:8888/?callback=callback


1 http proxy auth

curl -x http://username:password@localhost:8888/

2 http basic auth

curl http://username:password@localhost:8888/anypath?method=POST&url=

3 username & password in GET/POST parameters / JSON

curl http://localhost:8888/anypath?method=POST&url=

4 host_sign / path_sign / url_sign

sign a host / path / url with current username/password:

visit http://username:password@localhost:8888/sign?url= to get sign

request with: http://localhost:8888/?url=

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