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Easy to use GIT wrapper for php

This is a lightweight wrapper, providing the git commands in PHP.

Usage examples

The API use command builders, that allow you to build a command and execute it one time.

The main synopsis is:


$git->command() will create a new command, *->option() will add an option to the command and *->execute() will finally execute the command.

The naming of commands and options follow the git naming. If you search for documentation of a specific command or option, just look into the git documentation. You will find the command/option there.

init a new git repository

use Bit3\GitPhp\GitRepository;

$directory = '/path/to/git/target/directory';

$git = new GitRepository($directory);

clone a git repository

The clone command is named cloneRepository() because clone is a reserved word in PHP.

use Bit3\GitPhp\GitRepository;

$directory = '/path/to/git/target/directory';

$git = new GitRepository($directory);


$annotatedTag   = $git->describe()->execute();
$lightweightTag = $git->describe()->tags()->execute();
$recentRef      = $git->describe()->all()->execute();

set remote fetch url

    ->setUrl('origin', 'git@github.com:bit3/git-php.git')

set remote push url

    ->setPushUrl('origin', 'git@github.com:bit3/git-php.git')

add new remote

    ->add('github', 'git@github.com:bit3/git-php.git')

fetch remote objects




checkout specific path

$git->checkout()->execute('hotfix/1.2.3', '/fileA', '/fileB', '/dir/fileC');

push objects

$git->push()->execute('github', 'hotfix/1.2.3');

add file to staging index


remove file


commit changes

$git->commit()->message('Commit message')->execute();

create a tag


Convenience and shortcut methods

list remotes

$remotes = $git->remote()->getNames();

// array(
//     'origin',
//     'composer',
// )

list branches

$remotes = $git->branch()->getNames();

// array(
//     'master',
//     'hotfix/1.2.3',
// )

list remote tracking branches

$remotes = $git->branch()->remotes()->->getNames();

// array(
//     'origin/master',
//     'origin/hotfix/1.2.3',
//     'origin/release/4.5.6',
// )

list branches including remote tracking branches

$remotes = $git->branch()->all()->->getNames();

// array(
//     'master',
//     'hotfix/1.2.3',
//     'remotes/origin/master',
//     'remotes/origin/hotfix/1.2.3',
//     'remotes/origin/release/4.5.6',
// )

get modification status

$status = $git->status()->getStatus();

// array(
//     'existing-file.txt'      => array('index' => 'D',   'worktree' => false),
//     'removed-but-staged.txt' => array('index' => 'D',   'worktree' => 'A'),
//     'staged-file.txt'        => array('index' => false, 'worktree' => 'A'),
//     'unknown-file.txt'       => array('index' => '?',   'worktree' => '?'),
// )

get index modification status

$status = $git->status()->getIndexStatus();

// array(
//     'existing-file.txt'      => 'D',
//     'removed-but-staged.txt' => 'D',
//     'staged-file.txt'        => false,
//     'unknown-file.txt'       => '?',
// )

get worktree modification status

$status = $git->status()->getWorkTreeStatus();

// array(
//     'existing-file.txt'      => 'worktree' => false,
//     'removed-but-staged.txt' => 'worktree' => 'A',
//     'staged-file.txt'        => 'worktree' => 'A',
//     'unknown-file.txt'       => 'worktree' => '?',
// )