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Bitcoin Dev Kit

The Bitcoin Dev Kit project (formerly Magical Bitcoin πŸ§™) is building tools and libraries designed to be a solid foundation for descriptor based Bitcoin wallets

Hey there πŸ‘‹

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Bitcoin Development Kit (BDK) is a library that allows you to seamlessly build cross-platform Bitcoin wallets without worrying about bitcoin internals.

BDK is based on the powerful rust-bitcoin and rust-miniscript libraries.

Learn the simplest way to integrate Bitcoin wallet features into any application at

πŸ”¨ Contributing to the ecosystem

Our team maintains bdk which is the core library, while also maintaining a number of other related open source projects like:

  • BDK CLI - A CLI wallet library and REPL tool to demo and test the BDK library
  • BDK FFI - A foreign language bindings generator for BDK (experimental)
  • BDK Documentation - Our open source documentation

πŸ˜ƒ Join our community

Open source is fundamental to this project and we would love to connect with you.

Most of our communication happens on the BDK discord server, come say hi!


  1. bdk Public

    A modern, lightweight, descriptor-based wallet library written in Rust!

    Rust 538 184

  2. bdk-cli Public

    A CLI wallet library and REPL tool to demo and test the BDK library

    Rust 81 42

  3. BDK project home page (originally πŸ§™)

    JavaScript 35 50

  4. bdk-ffi Public

    Please consider this project *experimental*. But we hope to have an official release out soon.

    Rust 47 21