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Windows - Visual Studio 2013


  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Update 1 (the free Express edition will work)
  • If you have multiple MSVS installation use MSVS Developer console from target version.
  • This build is for 64bit binaries.

Set up the directory structure

  • Create a base directory for all projects. I'm putting everything in D:\bitshares, you can use whatever you like. In several of the batch files and makefiles, this directory will be referred to as GRA_ROOT:
mkdir D:\bitshares
  • Clone the BitShares Core repository
cd D:\bitshares
git clone
cd bitshares-core
git submodule update --init --recursive
  • Download CMake

    Download the latest Win32 Zip build CMake from (version as of this writing). Unzip it to your base directory, which will create a directory that looks something like D:\bitshares\cmake- Rename this directory to D:\bitshares\CMake.

    If you already have CMake installed elsewhere on your system you can use it, but BitShares Core has a few batch files that expect it to be in the base directory's CMake subdirectory, so those scripts would need tweaking.

  • Boost

    BitShares Core depends on the Boost libraries version 1.57 ~ 1.65. You can build them from source.

  • OpenSSL

    BitShares Core depends on OpenSSL version 1.0.1 or 1.0.2, and you must build this from source.

    • download OpenSSL source from
    • Untar it to the base directory D:\bitshares
    • this will create a directory like D:\bitshares\openssl-1.0.1g.

At the end of this, your base directory should look like this (directory names will be slightly different for the 64bit versions):

+- bitshares-core
+- boost_1_57_0
+- CMake
+- openssl-1.0.1g

Build the library dependencies

  • Set up environment for building:
cd D:\bitshares
notepad setenv_x64.bat

Put this into the notepad window, then save and quit.

@echo off
set GRA_ROOT=d:\bitshares
set OPENSSL_ROOT=%GRA_ROOT%\openssl-1.0.1g
set BOOST_ROOT=%GRA_ROOT%\boost_1_57_0

set PATH=%GRA_ROOT%\CMake\bin;%BOOST_ROOT%\lib;%PATH%

echo Setting up VS2013 environment...
call "%VS120COMNTOOLS%\..\..\VC\vcvarsall.bat" x86_amd64

Then run

  • Build OpenSSL DLLs
cd D:\bitshares\openssl-1.0.1g
perl Configure VC-WIN64A --prefix=D:\bitshares\OpenSSL
nmake -f ms\ntdll.mak
nmake -f ms\ntdll.mak install

This will create the directory D:\bitshares\OpenSSL with the libraries, DLLs, and header files.

  • Build Boost
cd D:\bitshares\boost_1_57_0
.\b2.exe address-model=64

Build project files for BitShares Core

  • Run CMake:
cd D:\bitshares\bitshares-core
notepad run_cmake_x64.bat

Put this into the notepad window, then save and quit.

call "d:\bitshares\setenv_x64.bat"
cmake-gui -G "Visual Studio 12"

Then run


This pops up the cmake gui, but if you've used CMake before it will probably be showing the wrong data, so fix that:

  • Where is the source code: D:\bitshares\bitshares-core
  • Where to build the binaries: D:\bitshares\x64

Then hit Configure. It may ask you to specify a generator for this project; if it does, choose Visual Studio 12 2013 Win64 for 64 bit builds and select Use default native compilers. Look through the output and fix any errors. Then hit Generate.

  • Launch Visual Studio and load D:\bitshares\x64\BitShares.sln

  • Set Active Configuration to RelWithDebInfo, ensure Active Solution platform is x64 for 64 bit builds

  • Build Solution

Or you can build the INSTALL target in Visual Studio which will copy all of the necessary files into your D:\bitshares\install directory, then copy all of those files to the bin directory.

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