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Monitoring accounts

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It is recommended that the reader has went through the following introductions:

To monitor accounts, we recommend to use the get_full_accounts call in order to fetch the current state of an account and automatically subscribe to future account updates including balance update.

A notification after a transaction would take the form:

      "owner": "1.2.3184", 
      "balance": 1699918247, 
      "id": "2.5.3", 
      "asset_type": "1.3.0"
      "most_recent_op": "2.9.74", 
      "pending_vested_fees": 6269529, 
      "total_core_in_orders": 0, 
      "pending_fees": 0, 
      "owner": "1.2.3184", 
      "id": "2.6.3184", 
      "lifetime_fees_paid": 50156232

Please distinguish transactions from operations: Since a single transaction may contain several (independent) operations, monitoring an account may only require to investigate operations that change the account.

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