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quick tips for devs

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Quick Tips for BitShares Developers

This guide is intended for developers who will be using the existing BitShares Core platform. Detailed documentation can be found at the following resources.

Quick tips for common developer actions are linked to below.

Table of Contents

Accounts, Permissions, and Authorities

Standard Transactions

Transactions allow multiple operations to be performed atomically within BitShares

Proposed Transactions

Proposed transaction are useful for performing actions on the blockchain that require approval of multiple accounts.

User-Issued Assets (UIA)

Vesting Balances

Hashed Time-Lock Contracts (HTLC)

Software Tools

API Calls

Software Clients and Libraries

How to Configure Software for Testnet

Reference Wallet

The GUI reference wallet, which is also hosted by several parties, can be connected to any testnode under Settings.

Command Line Interface Wallet (CLI)

cli_wallet -s ws://<HOST_NAME_OR_IP>:<HOST_PORT>

or if using a secure connection

cli_wallet -s wss://<HOST_NAME_OR_IP>:<HOST_PORT>

Python Wallet

Uptick is a Python-based CLI tool set for BitShares blockchain. Documentation can be found here.

It can be configured to connect to the public testnet by setting any testnet API node. For example

uptick set node wss://


DEXBot is a market maker bot that can be configured to point to a testnet API node by leaving it as the only API node in the configuration file.

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