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BitShares Explorer REST API

BitShares Explorer REST API allows your programs to query the blockchain.


The following procedure will work in Debian based Linux, more specifically the commands to make the guide were executed in Ubuntu 18.04 with Python 3.7.

Elasticsearch node

Some API calls make use of elasticsearch plugins for Bitshares. This plugins are elasticsearch and es-objects.

For elasticsearch installation and usage tutorial please go to:

To avoid installation the API comes with public elasticsearch node that can be updated from config.

BitShares node

This API backend connects to a BitShares witness_node to get data. Additionally from elasticsearch API makes use of the following bitshares plugins:

  • market_history
  • grouped_orders

The node must have asset_api and orders_api enabled.


   "permission_map" :
            "password_hash_b64" : "*",
            "password_salt_b64" : "*",
            "allowed_apis" : ["database_api", "network_broadcast_api", "history_api", "asset_api", "orders_api"]

To install a bitshares node please refer to:

You can use/change public bitshares API nodes for this by updating the config.

Install BitShares Explorer API and dependencies

Install python and pip if you dont have them:

apt-get install -y python python-pip

Clone the app:

git clone
cd bitshares-explorer-api/

Install virtual environment and setup:

pip install virtualenv 
virtualenv -p python3 wrappers_env/ 
source wrappers_env/bin/activate

Deactivate with:


Install dependencies in virtual env activated:

pip install -r requirements/production.pip

Note: If you have errors in the output about websocket you may need to also do:

apt-get install python-websocket

Note: If you see a problem similar to:

 WARNING:connexion.options:The swagger_ui directory could not be found.
    Please install connexion with extra install: pip install connexion[swagger-ui]
    or provide the path to your local installation by passing swagger_path=<your path>

You need to execute:

pip install connexion[swagger-ui]


Simple running

In order to simply test and run the backend api you can do:

flask run --host=

Then go to apidocs with your IP:

Nginx and uwsgi

In a production environment, when multiple requests start to happen at the same time, flask alone is not enough to handle the load. Nginx and uwsgi are alternatives to host a production backend.

Install nginx:

apt-get install nginx

Install uwgsi:

pip install uwsgi

Create config file in /etc/nginx/sites-available:

server {
    listen 5000;
    location / {
        include uwsgi_params;
        uwsgi_pass unix:/tmp/app.sock;

Create symbolic link to sites-enabled and restart nginx:

ln -s /etc/nginx/sites-available/api /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/api
/etc/init.d/nginx restart

Now api can be started with:

(wrappers) root@oxarbitrage ~/bitshares/bitshares-explorer-api # uwsgi --ini app.ini


To activate profiler use:

PROFILER_ENABLED=true flask run

Then you will be able to access profiling data at http://localhost:5000/profiler.

By default the profiler is not protected, to add basic authentification add username and password in or using environment variables PROFILER_USERNAME and PROFILER_PASSWORD.


To run the server in development mode to have an auto reload on code change:

FLASK_ENV=development flask run

Run all tests:


This will also run API tests (using Tavern), that needs an local server to run, so make sure your development server is started.

To run one specific test:

PYTHONPATH=. pytest -k test_ws_request

Or for API tests:

PYTHONPATH=. py.test tests/test_api_explorer.tavern.yaml -k get_asset_holders_count

You can run API tests on a non localhost server using the command:

PYTHONPATH=. py.test tavern-global-cfg=your_customized_environment.yaml tests/test_api_explorer.tavern.yaml

See tests/local_urls.yaml to see how to define a new environment.

And for non regression see non_reg/


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