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Bitshares UI RESTful API

This is a simple RESTful API server for Bitshares based on express-es6-rest-api

It provides the following data:

  • Dashboard markets configuration by chain id.

Included packages

Tip: If you are using Mongoose, you can automatically expose your Models as REST resources using restful-mongoose.

Getting Started

# clone it
git clone
cd bitshares-ui-api

# Install dependencies
npm install

# Start development live-reload server
PORT=3000 npm run dev

# Start production server:
PORT=3000 npm start

Docker Support

cd bitshares-ui-api

# Build your docker
docker build -t es6/bitshares-ui-api .
#            ^      ^           ^
#          tag  tag name      Dockerfile location

# run your docker
docker run -p 3000:3000 es6/bitshares-ui-api
#                 ^            ^
#          bind the port    container tag
#          to your host
#          machine port   

Docker Demo

It's supposed to be pretty easy to take your Docker to your favourite cloud service, here's a demo of what's our Dockerized bolierplate is like: