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reStructuredText Plugin

This is a little how-to for using the reStructuredText plugin inside gedit.

reSt Plugin Image



  • Choose the right source for your version of gedit from the releases on GitHub. With git you can checkout the corresponding tag (e.g. git checkout gedit-3.8).
    gedit-3.8:3.8 <= gedit < to 3.10
    gedit-3.10:gedit >= 3.10 (3.18 has been reported to work fine)
    gedit-3.22:gedit >= 3.22 (3.22.1 tested successfully on Ubuntu 17.10)
  • Put reST.plugin file in gedit's plugins directory. The standard one should be ~/.local/share/gedit/plugins/. Alternatively, the global directory is something like /usr/lib/gedit/plugins/ or /usr/lib/<architecture>-linux-gnu/gedit/plugins/.
  • Copy the whole reST folder into the same directory.

You should then obtain something like this:

  • Follow the instructions in syntax/README.rst to activate syntax highlighting. (Note that recent versions of gedit already ship with this included. Check the language mode drop-down in the footer bar of gedit's editor window.)


Activate the plugin via Edit / Preferences / Plugins and check the checkbox next to reStructuredText Preview.

The plugin is now activated, and you should have a new panel inside the bottom pane named reStructuredText Preview. If you don't see the panel on the bottom of the editor window make it visible via Burger menu > View > Bottom Panel.

More Features

Prior versions versions of this plugin had more features (manual reloading with Ctrl+Shift+R, export to HTML, LaTeX and LibreOffice formats). See the July 4, 2014 version of this README.

If you want these features in again please get your hands dirty and make a pull request. The refactored code base of the current version should make this more easy than ever. Your contribution is appreciated!



If you're not totally happy with this plugin try the following editors for quick and free solutions of editing reStructuredText files:

  • rsted (online reStructuredText editor)
  • ReText (reStructuredText and MarkDown editor)