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iOS API for Yahoo finance. Stock symbol search, stock details and currency conversion.

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The YahooFinance framework is an iOS Objective-C framework for Yahoo Finance.


  • Search for stock symbols from major global stock exchanges list
  • Retrieve stock details such as quotes, volumes etc.
  • Currency conversion for all major world currencies.


Dependency projects

Install (iOS)

  • Add ASIHTTPRequest to your project (see project specific details).
  • Add JSON Framework to your project (see project specific details).
  • Add the folder BSYahooFinance to your project.
  • Include "BSYahooFinance.h" to use the features in YahooFinance.


The external components are submodules to the project. To get it running do the following:

  1. Clone YahooFinance

  2. Change directory to where you cloned YahooFinance, (cd YahooFinance)

  3. Run the following commands:

  • git submodule init

  • git submodule update

Now you have the required components and the sample project will run as expected.

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