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Latex docker container Docker hub

This container helps compiling latex sources without the need to install all latex packages on your system.

Why should I use this container?

  • Easy setup, compile immediately after image download
  • Preserves UID and GID of local user
  • Use container like local command: pdflatex main.tex
  • Multiple distributions like ubuntu's texlive-full to cover all needs


All versions are based on Ubuntu: (See all tags)

If you need...

  • ...the most-stuff-works-out-of-the-box package, try blang/latex:ubuntu.
  • ...the most recent version of everything, try blang/latex:ctanfull.
  • ...a stable base for your custom texlive build, try blang/latex:ctanbasic.

For stability, choose a more specific version tag (See all tags)

Quick Setup

Compile latex sources using docker:

# Change to your project
cd my_latex_project

# Download the command wrapper and make it executable
chmod +x

# Optional: Change the version (see above, default blang/latex:ubuntu)
edit ./

# Compile using pdflatex (docker will pull the image automatically)
./ pdflatex main.tex

# Or use latexmk (best option)
./ latexmk -cd -f -interaction=batchmode -pdf main.tex
# Cleanup: ./ latexmk -c or -C

# Or make multiple passes (does not start container twice)
../ /bin/sh -c "pdflatex main.tex && pdflatex main.tex"


First, add your local user to docker group (should already be the case):

sudo usermod -aG docker YOURUSERNAME

The will use your current user and group id to compile.

Daemon setup

If you're working on source in latex, you might want to compile it multiple times and don't want to start a container each time.

cd my_latex_source

# Start a daemon container on this path, it accepts commands from

# Execute the command in the daemon container, only the daemon container is running pdflatex main.tex

# Stop the daemon
docker stop latex_daemon


If software is missing, extend this base image with your own software:

Create a Dockerfile or download Dockerfile.blueprint for examples:

FROM blang/latex:ubuntu

# Minted + Pygments
RUN tlmgr install minted

Build your custom image:

docker build -t mycustomlateximg .

Edit to use your image mycustomlateximg.

Latex Make

Clean build using latexmk:

mkdir compile
latexmk -cd -f -jobname=output -outdir=./compile -auxdir=./compile -interaction=batchmode -pdf ./main.tex

Use latexmkrc in your project root:

# Example: Make glossaries
add_cus_dep( 'glo', 'gls', 0, 'makeglo2gls' );
sub makeglo2gls {
    system("makeindex -s \"$_[0].ist\" -t \"$_[0].glg\" -o \"$_[0].gls\" \"$_[0].glo\"" );

CTAN Packages

A list of available ctan packages can be found here:

Install texlive packages:

RUN tlmgr install minted


If the image is missing a package only specific for you, please don't open an issue or pull request but build your own image as described above. If a critical package is missing or you have a recipe for missing packages in a common scenario, please create an issue / PR on Dockerfile.blueprint.


See LICENSE file.