Docker-based latex compilation
TeX Makefile Shell

Latex docker container

This container helps compiling latex sources without the need to install all latex packages on your system.

Check out my blog post.


First, add your local user to docker group:

sudo usermod -aG docker YOURUSERNAME

Pull image (from Hub):

docker pull blang/latex

or build:

docker build -t blang/latex .


cd example

# Double to process refs
../ pdflatex example.tex
../ pdflatex example.tex

# Or better in one go (does not start container twice)
../ /bin/sh -c "pdflatex example.tex && pdflatex example.tex"

# View

Use to execute any command you like inside the container. WORKDIRs match, mounted to /data inside container.

Why should I use this container?

  • Easy setup
  • Preserves UID and GID of local user
  • Use container like local command
  • texlive-full covers most of the available packages