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Python bindings for pin.

Build Instructions

Pre-requisite is python-dev sudo apt-get install python-dev on Ubuntu.

Download and extract Pin from

Copy the entire directory into ~/pin/source/tools

Type make and enjoy!

Using the Extension

Most of pin's functionality is exposed via the pin module, internal to the pintool. Its implementation is very similar to the way gdb handles python extensions.

To run a specific python script, for example the strace script: ../../../pin -t obj-intel64/ -m examples/ -- /bin/ls

Current Issues

  1. Some Python modules are compiled as shared objects without symbols. These modules can't be loaded from within the python pin tool. (solution is to either not use those modules, or have a custom build of python alongside the pintool)

  2. Need to work on compiling for Mac and Windows (check the branch Windows is supported). Code should be portable but makefile may need to be updated.