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Nginx log parser and Prometheus exporter

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This service parses incoming syslog messages from Nginx sent over UDP and converts them into Prometheus metrics exported through the built-in HTTP server.

  • If the prefix-list is specified then per-URI statistics are generated. Using this feature without URI-prefix list is dangerous because it leads to an unbounded memory usage. It's therefore enabled only with a limited prefix list.

    The URI prefix list is a plain-text file with a single prefix per line, e.g.


    URIs received from nginx are stripped of any query parameters - only the part before '?' is used.

  • It optionally supports country lookup for client IPs using MaxMind GeoIP database.

Nginx configuration snippet

log_format collector '$remote_addr|$scheme|$host|$request_method|$server_protocol|$request_uri|$status|$request_time|$request_length|$bytes_sent';
access_log syslog:server=,tag=nginx collector;

Getting it

  • Get RPM & DEB directly from releases, only linux-amd64 build currently available.

  • Build youself:

go get
cd $GOPATH/src/
go build

Usage example

If you're using RPM/DEB packages then options are set in /etc/default/nginx-prometheus

./nginx-prometheus \
-debug false \
-listenSyslog \
-listenHTTP \
-geoipCountryDB /etc/nginx-prometheus/country.mmdb \
-uriPrefixFile /etc/nginx-prometheus/uriPrefixes.txt
  • debug - prints every syslog message received if true (defaults to false)
  • listenSyslog - ip:port on which to listen for UDP Syslog messages (defaults to
  • listenHTTP - ip:port on which to listen for incoming HTTP requests from Prometheus (defaults to
  • geoipCountryDB - path to MaxMind country GeoIP database (optional)
  • uriPrefixFile - path to a URI prefix list (optional)

Grafana dashboard

Add Prometheus source to Grafana and import grafana-dashboard.json for most common graphs.