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Blockade Analyst Bench

Python client for services

Command-line scripts

The following command line scripts are installed with the library:

  • blockade-cfg: utility to set or query API configuration options for the library (email and API key).
  • blockade-aws-deploy: utility to set automatically deploy a Blockade cloud node within Amazon Web Services.
  • blockade: primary client to interface with the blockade back-end services.

See the Usage section for getting started or our wiki for more information.


From the downloaded source distribution:

$ python install

Or from PyPI:

$ pip install blockade-toolkit [--upgrade]

The package depends on several external libraries. If these are not present, they will be installed automatically. A requirements.txt file is included in the repository which outlines these dependencies in detail.


Users must supply their email and API key in order for this library to function. On the first setup run, validated whitelists will be downloaded and stored within the configuration directory. First-time setup requires configuring your API email and private key for authentication:

$ blockade-cfg setup <EMAIL> <API_KEY>

At any time, the current API configuration parameters can be queried using the same utility:

$ blockade-cfg show

Configuration parameters are stored in $HOME/.config/blockade/api_config.json.


Every command-line script has several sub-commands that may be passed to it. The commands usage may be described with the -h/--help option.

For example:

$ blockade -h
usage: blockade [-h] {ioc} ...

Blockade Analyst Bench

positional arguments:
    ioc       Perform actions with IOCs

optional arguments:
  -h, --help  show this help message and exit


Please use the issues section for any bug reporting, comments or other feedback.