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Selectize.js for ActiveAdmin
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ActiveAdmin Selectize Gem Version

An Active Admin plugin to use Selectize.js (jQuery required).


  • nice select inputs
  • items search
  • AJAX content loading
  • improve many-to-many / one-to-many selection


  • Add to your Gemfile: gem 'activeadmin_selectize'
  • Add jquery-rails gem or include jQuery manually
  • Execute bundle
  • Add at the end of your ActiveAdmin styles (app/assets/stylesheets/active_admin.scss): @import 'activeadmin/selectize_input';
  • Add at the end of your ActiveAdmin javascripts (app/assets/javascripts/active_admin.js):
//= require activeadmin/selectize/selectize
//= require activeadmin/selectize_input
  • Use the input with as: :selectize in Active Admin model conf

Why 2 separated scripts? In this way you can include a different version of Selectize.js if you like.


Example 1: an Article model with a many-to-many relation with Tag model:

class Article < ApplicationRecord
  has_and_belongs_to_many :tags
  accepts_nested_attributes_for :tags
# ActiveAdmin article form conf:
  form do |f|
    f.inputs 'Article' do
      f.input :title
      f.input :description
      f.input :published
      f.input :tags, as: :selectize, collection: f.object.tags, input_html: { 'data-opt-remote': admin_tags_path( format: :json ), 'data-opt-text': 'name', 'data-opt-value': 'id', 'data-opt-highlight': 'true', placeholder: 'Search a tag...' }

Example 2: using selectize in filters:

# Without remote items (no AJAX):
filter :name_eq, as: :selectize, collection: Author.all.pluck( :name, :name )
# With remote items:
filter :tags_id_eq, as: :selectize, collection: [], input_html: { 'data-opt-remote': '/admin/tags.json', 'data-opt-text': 'name', 'data-opt-value': 'id', 'data-opts': '{"dropdownParent":"body"}', placeholder: 'Search a tag...' }


  • In ActiveAdmin json routes should be enabled by default, this behavior is controlled by download_links option for index action. Example:
index download_links: [:csv, :json] do
  # ...

You can customize the JSON response overriding the as_json method of the model:

def as_json( options = nil )
  super({ only: [:id], methods: [:fullname] }.merge(options || {}))
  • If the select items "gets cut" by the container try adding: 'data-opts': '{"dropdownParent":"body"}'

  • Alternative syntax to pass data attributes: input_html: { data: { opts: '{}' } }


Pass the required options using input_html.

  • data-opt-remote: URL used for AJAX search requests (method GET)
  • data-opt-text: field to use as option label
  • data-opt-value: field to use as select value
  • data-opt-NAME: option NAME passed directly to Selectize.js - see options

Alternative syntax:

  • data-opts: overrides Selectize options - example: 'data-opts': '{"highlight":true,"plugins":[]}'

Do you like it? Star it!

If you use this component just star it. A developer is more motivated to improve a project when there is some interest.

Take a look at other ActiveAdmin components that I made if you are curious.




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