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This repository

This is a place for frequently asked questions pertaining to Gow.

  1. Does Gow work on 64-bit systems?
    Gow is compiled on 32-bit systems but it has been tested to work on 64-bit systems thanks to the fact that many of these systems have an emulation that supports 32-bit.
  2. Why is XYZ UNIX utility missing?
    Gow is trying to keep itself as slim and lightweight as possible but if there’s a utility that you think belongs to the project then please submit a tracker issue or send an email to bmatzelle [at] gmail [dot] com.
  3. What license is Gow released under?
    The installer and associated scripts are licensed under the MIT license which means you can use it in commercial applications. The rest are mostly released under the GPL v2 license.
  4. Does Gow have a command where it lists all of the available Unix commands?
    Yes, the gow command lists all available executables.
  5. [How] can I use Gow to execute a bash shell script on a windows system?
    bash is one of the executables packaged with Gow, and placed on the Windows path. Assuming Gow provides coverage for all commands used in your script, run
    bash [script options]
    . Note: The Gow 0.7.0 installer is missing a step that affects bash execution. Please refer to this fix.
  6. How does Gow compare to MSYS?
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