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SQL Tools - High performance SQL functions for use on IBM i and RPG IV

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SQL Tools - High performance SQL functions for IBM i and RPG IV

SQL Tools provides SQL Table Function (UDTF) wrappers for most IBM i APIs as well as providing additional capabilities, such as financial functions, CSV support and IFS read/write capabilities.

SQL Tools may be installed and run on IBM i Version 7.2 and later without changes. That is if you have V7R2 and V7R5 partitions, you can use the exact same SQL Tools functions on both without syntax issues or feature restrictions.

SQL Tools is a licensed program product (2COZ-ST3) under an annual subscription model.

A license key for your current system is available for $495 and operates forever. To receive support an updates after the first year, yearly SWMA of $495 is available on a subscription basis.

Download and Install

To download SQL Tools for IBM i, click on the link below that best matches your current IBM i version.

SQL Tools for IBM i V7R2 only: Download V7R2 save file image

SQL Tools for IBM i V7R3 and later: Download V7R3+ save file image

Once you have downloaded the save file to your PC, upload it to the IBM i server using binary mode FTP or similar. Normally you should create a save file object on the IBM i server in QGPL and upload the PC .SAVF to that host file. IBM i allows you to create a save file using the CRTSAVF CL command.

If the save file already exists, you should clear it before performing the FTP upload.

If the SAVF does not exist, FTP BINARY upload will automatically create it correctly if and only if the PC file name SQLTOOLS.SAVF or SQLTOOLS72.SAVF contains the .SAVF suffix.


To install SQL Tools, the RSTLICPGM (Restore Licensed Program) CL command is used. If a prior version of SQL Tools is already installed on your system, you need to remove it first before installing the latest release.

Removing a pior SQL Tools installation

Determine which version is installed. Use the GO LICPGM CL command to list all installed licensed programs


Selection option 10=Display and scroll down until you see licensed program 2COZ-STn where n is 1, 2, or 3

If you locate a prior installation, remove it using the DLTLICPGM CL command as follows:


Be sure to replace the trailing '3' with the version you currently have installed.

Install SQL Tools

To install SQL Tools, use the RSTLICPGM CL command


If you are installing into an IBM i V7R2 partition, then use the save file named QGPL/SQLTOOLS72 on the RSTLICPGM command.

I also have a free CL command named WRKOBJSQL (Work with SQL Objects) that displays a list of the installed SQL objects in the specified library. NOTE: This command was previously named WRKFUNC and was included in the SQL iQuery package.

You can use:


to view the available functions, stored procedures and views that were installed by SQL Tools.


SQL Tools - High performance SQL functions for use on IBM i and RPG IV






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