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Bolt Google Analytics extension - add Google Analytics tracker to your site.
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Google Analytics

Upgrading to V3 of Plugin

When updating to V3 please change key_file_location to key_file.


This extension inserts the Google Analytics tracker code on your pages. The plugin also allows you view the Google Analytics statistics in the backend as well by going to extend/Statistics.

Displaying Google Analytics on every page

In order to display the Google Analytics tracking code on every page of the website, please update the config.yml and edit webproperty-id, universal, or universal_domainname. The backend can be turned off by setting backend to false.

Displaying Google Statistics on the backend

In order to display the Google Analytics tracking code on every page of the website, please update the config.yml and edit key_file and service_account_email. The ga_profile_id is not needed anymore. You can specifiy the ga_profile_id, if you would like still.

Verbatim instructions can be found here:

Use the developers console and replace the values with your service account email, and absolute location of your key file. You can generate the needed details at

Here's a quick 'n' dirty step-by-step:

  1. Go to the Google API Console and create a new app/project
  2. In the Services tab, flip the Google Analytics switch to on
  3. Click the credentials tab
  4. Click 'Create Credentials' > 'Service Account Key'
  5. Under 'Service Account', select 'New Service Account', give it a name and remember the email it generates for you. That is the 'service_account_email'
  6. Select the p12 format
  7. Download the key and then upload it to your server.
  8. Visit your google analytics admin and add the service account email under User Management with the 'read & analyze' permissions
  9. Update the google analytics config.yml with the key file name and put the file under app/config/extensions/ and service account email.

If the .p12 file doesn't work with the version of google code in this extension you may have to convert it to a .pem file with this command:

openssl pkcs12 -in ga-key-file.p12 -out ga-key-file.pem -nodes

The command will ask for the password which is 'notasecret'.

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