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Codeception TestRail Integration Module

This Codeception extension provides functionality for tests to report results to TestRail using the TestRail API v2.

Note: The extension currently only supports the Cest Codeception test format. It cannot report PHPUnit or Cept tests.


The easiest way to install this plugin is using Composer. You can install module by running:

composer require --dev bookit/codeception-testrail

Theory of Operation

The extension hooks the following Codeception events: suite.after, test.success, test.skipped, test.incomplete, test.error, and The extension also provides an _initialize() method and some other helper methods.

During the _initialize() step, the module will fetch the project details and create a new plan for the run. The plan name can be procedurally generated but by default it will be the date and time formatted as Y-m-d H:i;s. Also during this step the default status list is overriden with any from the config.

During the test.success, test.skipped, test.incomplete, test.error, and events, a result is recorded for that event. TestRail Suites and TestRail Test Cases are set for the test using annotations (@tr-suite and @tr-case). The TestRail Suite can either be set at the class level or the method level; precedent is give to the method level annotation. The TestRail Test Case can only be set at the method level. Additionally, the elapsed time of the test will be formatted and recorded.

During the after.suite event, the collected results will be transmitted to TestRail. This is accomplished by performing two actions. The first action is to create a TestRail Test Plan Entry for each of the TestRail suites in the result set. The Test Plan Entry will only contain Test Cases which were also registered. The Test Plan Entry will be named after the Codeception suite and the TestRail suite, separated by a colon.

After the Test Plan Entry is created, the Test Run ID is captured from the response and the test results are transmitted using the bulk test result action. Before the results are passed to TestRail, they're filtered to remove any results which set the TestRail System Status of Untested. The TestRail API issues an error when a result attempts to set this status.

The default status map is:

Codeception Status TestRail Status TestRail Status ID
success Success 1
failure Failed 5
error Failed 5
incomplete Success 1
skipped Untested 3


The extension requires four configuration parameters to be set (user, apikey, project). There are additional configuration options for overriding statuses and disabling the connection to TestRail.

To enable the extension the following can be added to your codeception.yml config file:

        - BookIt\Codeception\TestRail\Extension

Global configuration options (like the user and apikey) should also be set in the codeception.yml config:

            enabled: false                    # When false, don't communicate with TestRail (optional; default: true)
            user: ''   # A TestRail user (required)
            apikey: 'REDACTED'                # A TestRail API Key (required)
	  		url: '' # The base URL for you TestRail Instance
            project: 9                        # TestRail Project ID (required)
                success: 1                    # Override the default success status (optional)
                skipped: 11                   # Override the default skipped status (optional)
                incomplete: 12                # Override the default incomplete status (optional)
                failed: 5                     # Override the default failed status (optional)
                error: 5                      # Override the default error status (optional)

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(c) 2016


TestRail Integration for the Codeception PHP Testing Framework




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