Converts freemind maps to dokuwiki syntax
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The purpose of this tool is to convert Freemind maps to dokuwiki syntax.


mm2doku has been developed in python 2.7 and has been successfully tested on Linux Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, MacOSX 10.11.6 El Capitan and Windows 8.1 x64. This tool doesn't require any additional python modules to be run. A stand-alone binary version for windows is also available for download.


For many years I'm taking all my notes (meetings, readings, researchs) in a personal wiki stored locally in my computer. For the purpose of this, I adopted dokuwiki because it just needs an HTTP server, and doesn't require any database. Also, printing or making a PDF file from dokuwiki is very straightforward and produces a very good result in terms of presentation. And obviously, after 12 years, I know dokuwiki syntax very well.

But, what I also like to use is mind managers. They are really doing a great job when I have to take notes rapidly without using any syntax, just organizing objects in a graphical interface, creating nodes and subnodes with tab and enter. Although they are faster than wiki for that, it is more tricky when it comes to organizing and archiving notes. As my mind manager, I use Freemind since it is available on all plateforms.

So I thought to myself "is it possible to optimize the actions of taking notes, printing them for reporting in a way that I can control (with a CSS), and storing them for archiving and searching ?". That's why I decided to develop this tool, to make the most of both freemind (to take notes rapidly and easily) and dokuwiki (for printing, archiving and indexing).


Let's say we took some notes on a freemind map : original file

If you open the file in freemind, you'll get the following view

With mm2doku, you can easily convert your map file to this file : lamp.txt

When you paste the code above in dokuwiki, you'll be presented with the following page and the text will be indexed for search.

dokuwiki page

Eventually, if you print the page in PDF, you'll obtain the following file



You just have to execute the script with two parameters

$ dst_file.txt

As an output, you'll get a text file containing the converted document that you can paste to your dokuwiki page.

Todo list

  • Adding support for additional icons

Stay tuned for updates and please, feel free to report any bug to the author.