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C++Now 2018 Presentations

Slide Deck Submission Guidelines

Monday, May 07

Morning (9:00-10:30) Opening Keynote: The Shape of a Program, Lisa Lippincott (video)
  Flug Hudson Bethe
Morning (11:00-12:30) C++ Mixins: Customization Through Compile Time Composition, Odin Holmes (video) A Quantum Data Structure for Classical Computers, Charles Bay (video) Fast Conversion from UTF-8 with C++, DFAs, and SSE Intrinsics, Bob Steagall (video)
Afternoon (2:30-4:00) An Allocator is a Handle to a Heap, Arthur O'Dwyer (video) Generalized Full Duplex Messaging, Jason Rice (video) Boost.Text: Fixing std::string, and Adding Unicode to Standard C++ (part 1 of 2), Zach Laine (video)
Afternoon (4:30-6:00) C++17's std::pmr Comes With a Cost, David Sankel (video) Beyond C++17, Mateusz Pusz (video) Boost.Text: Fixing std::string, and Adding Unicode to Standard C++ (part 2 of 2), Zach Laine (video)

Tuesday, May 08

  Flug Hudson Bethe
Morning (9:00-10:30) Fancy Pointers for Fun and Profit, Bob Steagall (video) The Best Type Traits C++ Doesn't Have, Arthur O'Dwyer (video) The Continuing Saga of the Lock-Free Queue: Part 3 of N, Tony Van Eerd (video)
Morning (11:00-11:45) Git, CMake, Conan: How to Ship and Reuse our C++ Projects, Mateusz Pusz (video) The Untapped Potential of Software Visualization, Eberhard Gräther (video) Boost.TMP: Your DSL for Metaprogramming, Odin Holmes (video)
Morning (11:45-12:30) Docker Based C++ Dependency and Build Management, Jason Rice (video) Fortransformers: A Field Study, Tobias Loew (video)  
Afternoon (2:30-4:00) Futures without Type Erasure, Vittorio Romeo (video) The Julia Language and C++: The Perfect Marriage? Keno Fischer, Bart Janssens (video) Smart Output Iterators, Jonathan Boccara (video)
Afternoon (4:30-6:00) Moving Faster: Everyday Efficiency in Modern C++, Alan Talbot (video) Generative Programming & Declarative Interfaces: Emulating the Nintendo 3DS, Tony Wasserka (video) What Else has My Compiler Done for Me Lately? Matt Godbolt (video)

Wednesday, May 09

  Flug Hudson Bethe
Morning (9:00-10:30) If I Had My 'Druthers: Some Thoughts on Improving the Containers in C++2x, Bob Steagall (video) Words of Wisdom, Tony Van Eerd (video) Game Engine API Design, Allan Deutsch (video)
Morning (11:00-12:30) Rethinking Pointers, Jonathan Müller (video) Design and Implementation of DBMS Asynchronous Client Library with C++17, Boost.Hana and Boost.Asio, Roman Siromakha (video) You Can Do Better than std::unordered_map: New and Recent Improvements to Hash Table Performance, Malte Skarupke (video)
Afternoon (2:30-4:00) Runtime Polymorphism: Back to the Basics, Louis Dionne (video) How Compilers Reason About Exceptions, Michael Spencer (video) Initializer Lists Are Broken, Let's Fix Them, Jason Turner (video)
Afternoon (4:30-6:00) The Current State of Modules in C++, John Lakos (video) Argot: Simplying Variants, Tuples and Futures, Matt Calabrese (video) Optional(al) is Not A Failure, Phil Nash (video)

Thursday, May 10

  Flug Hudson Bethe
Morning (9:00-10:30) Easy to Use, Hard to Misuse - Declarative Style in C++, Ben Deane (video) yomm2: Fast, Orthogonal, Open Methods in a Library, Jean-Louis Leroy (video) The Problem with "Cutting Edge C++", Jens Weller (video)
Morning (11:00-11:45) A View to a View, Peter Bindels (video) -Os Matters, Mark Zeren (video) From Parsing to sema: Making Sense of Syntax Trees, Michał Dominiak (video)
Morning (11:45-12:30) Debug C++ Without Running, Anastasia Kazakova (video) Making Your Library More Reliable with Fuzzing, Marshall Clow (video)  
Afternoon (2:30-4:00) Modern C++ in Embedded Systems, Michael Caisse (video) My Little *this Deduction: Friendship is ... Uniform?, Gašper Ažman (video) Secure Coding Best Practices: Your First Line Is The Last Line Of Defense, Matthew Buttler (video)
Afternoon (4:30-6:00) Modern C++ API Design: From Rvalue-References to Type Design, Titus Winters (video) Compile Fast, Run Faster, Scale Forever - a Look into the sol2 Libary, ThePhD (video) C++ Development with Visual Studio Code, Rong Lu (video)

Friday, May 11

Morning (9:00-10:30) Closing Keynote: Undefined Behavior and Compiler Optimizations, John Regehr (video)
Morning (11:30-12:30) Closing Panel: What Belongs in the C++ Standard Library (video)

Lightning Talks

Talk Video
Easing into Modern C++, Ben Deane (video)
Where Should I Belong?, ThePhD (video)
Loop Exit Blocks: A proposal for C++20, Alan Talbot (video)
Improving Debuggability with GDB's Python API, Jeff Trull (video)
Enums For Ways, Wissam Mehio (video)
Code Generation: The Lisp Way, Jean-Louis Leroy (video)
Copy Elision, Jon Kalb (video)
Placement New, Jonathan Müller (video)
11 Years of Boost at Conservancy, Bradley Kuhn (video)
Workflow Modeling with Boost.Graph Library, Philip Salvaggio (video)
Lightning Talk, Odin Holmes (video)
Avoiding Virtual Call in CRTP, Daniel Dilts (video)
SFINAE: Substitution Failure Is Not An Error, Agustín Bergé (video)
C++ Puzzler, Leor Zolman (video)
Puzzler, Leor Zolman (video)
C++ Potpurri 2, Richard Powell (video)
An allocator is a handle to a heap, Arthur O'Dwyer (video)
ForTransformers vs deCeePeePeeticons, Tobias Loew (video)
C++ Execution Model in Five Minutes, Bryce Adelstein Lelbach (video)
Talk to me! The art of reporting a Bug, Anastasia Kazakova (video)
Poetry Club, ThePhD (video)
for_each_adjacent<N>, Marcel Ebmer (video)
C++ Reflection via Clang LibTooling, Griffin Downs (video)
The Object Upside Down, Louis Dionne (video)
We have always been at war with West Constia, Phil Nash (video)
This is Why We Can't have Nice Things, Jon Kalb (video)
A Fool's Consistency, Jonathan Müller (video)
Ø, Serj Bilokhatniuk (video)


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