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C++Now 2018 Presentations

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Monday, May 07

Morning (9:00-10:30) Opening Keynote: The Shape of a Program, Lisa Lippincott_ (video)_
Flug Hudson Bethe
Morning (11:00-12:30) C++ Mixins: Customization Through Compile Time Composition, Odin Holmes_ _ A Quantum Data Structure for Classical Computers, Charles Bay_ (video)_ Fast Conversion from UTF-8 with C++, DFAs, and SSE Intrinsics, Bob Steagall_ (video)_
Afternoon (2:30-4:00) An Allocator is a Handle to a Heap, Arthur O'Dwyer_ (video)_ Generalized Full Duplex Messaging, Jason Rice_ (video)_ Boost.Text: Fixing std::string, and Adding Unicode to Standard C++ (part 1 of 2), Zach Laine_ (video)_
Afternoon (4:30-6:00) C++17's std::pmr Comes With a Cost, David Sankel _ Beyond C++17, Mateusz Pusz_ (video)_ Boost.Text: Fixing std::string, and Adding Unicode to Standard C++ (part 2 of 2), Zach Laine_ (video)_

Tuesday, May 08

Flug Hudson Bethe
Morning (9:00-10:30) Fancy Pointers for Fun and Profit, Bob Steagall_ (video)_ The Best Type Traits C++ Doesn't Have, Arthur O'Dwyer_ (video)_ The Continuing Saga of the Lock-Free Queue: Part 3 of N, Tony Van Eerd_ (video)_
Morning (11:00-11:45) Git, CMake, Conan: How to Ship and Reuse our C++ Projects, Mateusz Pusz_ (video)_ The Untapped Potential of Software Visualization, Eberhard Gräther_ (video)_ Boost.TMP: Your DSL for Metaprogramming, Odin Holmes _
Morning (11:45-12:30) Docker Based C++ Dependency and Build Management, Jason Rice_ (video)_ Fortransformers: A Field Study, Tobias Loew _
Afternoon (2:30-4:00) Futures without Type Erasure, Vittorio Romeo_ (video)_ The Julia Language and C++: The Perfect Marriage? Keno Fischer, Bart Janssens_ (video)_ Smart Output Iterators, Jonathan Boccara_ (video)_
Afternoon (4:30-6:00) Moving Faster: Everyday Efficiency in Modern C++, Alan Talbot_ (video)_ Generative Programming & Declarative Interfaces: Emulating the Nintendo 3DS, Tony Wasserka_ (video)_ What Else has My Compiler Done for Me Lately? Matt Godbolt_ (video)_

Wednesday, May 09

Flug Hudson Bethe
Morning (9:00-10:30) If I Had My 'Druthers: Some Thoughts on Improving the Containers in C++2x, Bob Steagall_ (video)_ Words of Wisdom, Tony Van Eerd_ (video)_ Game Engine API Design, Allan Deutsch_ _
Morning (11:00-12:30) Rethinking Pointers, Jonathan Müller _ Design and Implementation of DBMS Asynchronous Client Library with C++17, Boost.Hana and Boost.Asio, Roman Siromakha_ (video)_ You Can Do Better than std::unordered_map: New and Recent Improvements to Hash Table Performance, Malte Skarupke _
Afternoon (2:30-4:00) Runtime Polymorphism: Back to the Basics, Louis Dionne _ How Compilers Reason About Exceptions, Michael Spencer _ Initializer Lists Are Broken, Let's Fix Them, Jason Turner_ (video)_
Afternoon (4:30-6:00) The Current State of Modules in C++, John Lakos _ Argot: Simplying Variants, Tuples and Futures, Matt Calabrese_ (video)_ Optional(al) is Not A Failure, Phil Nash _

Thursday, May 10

Flug Hudson Bethe
Morning (9:00-10:30) Easy to Use, Hard to Misuse - Declarative Style in C++, Ben Deane_ (video)_ yomm2: Fast, Orthogonal, Open Methods in a Library, Jean-Louis Leroy _ The Problem with "Cutting Edge C++", Jens Weller_ (video)_
Morning (11:00-11:45) A View to a View, Peter Bindels_ (video)_ -Os Matters, Mark Zeren_ (video)_ From Parsing to sema: Making Sense of Syntax Trees, Michał Dominiak_ (video)_
Morning (11:45-12:30) Debug C++ Without Running, Anastasia Kazakova_ (video)_ Making Your Library More Reliable with Fuzzing, Marshall Clow_ (video)_
Afternoon (2:30-4:00) Modern C++ in Embedded Systems, Michael Caisse_ (video)_ My Little *this Deduction: Friendship is ... Uniform?, Gašper Ažman _ Secure Coding Best Practices: Your First Line Is The Last Line Of Defense, Matthew Buttler _
Afternoon (4:30-6:00) Modern C++ API Design: From Rvalue-References to Type Design, Titus Winters _ Compile Fast, Run Faster, Scale Forever - a Look into the sol2 Libary, ThePhD_ (video)_ C++ Development with Visual Studio Code, Rong Lu _

Friday, May 11

Morning (9:00-10:30) Closing Keynote: Undefined Behavior and Compiler Optimizations, John Regehr_ (video)_
Morning (11:30-12:30) Closing Panel: What Belongs in the C++ Standard Library _

Lightning Talks

Talk Video
Easing into Modern C++, Ben Deane_ (video)_
Where Should I Belong?, ThePhD_ (video)_
Loop Exit Blocks: A proposal for C++20, Alan Talbot_ (video)_
Improving Debuggability with GDB's Python API, Jeff Trull_ (video)_
Enums For Ways, Wissam Mehio _
Code Generation: The Lisp Way, Jean-Louis Leroy _
Copy Elision, Jon Kalb_ (video)_
Placement New, Jonathan Müller _
11 Years of Boost at Conservancy, Bradley Kuhn _
Workflow Modeling with Boost.Graph Library, Philip Salvaggio _
Lightning Talk, Odin Holmes _
Avoiding Virtual Call in CRTP, Daniel Dilts _
SFINAE: Substitution Failure Is Not An Error, Agustín Bergé _
C++ Puzzler, Leor Zolman _
Puzzler, Leor Zolman _
C++ Potpurri 2, Richard Powell _
An allocator is a handle to a heap, Arthur O'Dwyer _
ForTransformers vs deCeePeePeeticons, Tobias Loew _
C++ Execution Model in Five Minutes, Bryce Adelstein Lelbach_ (video)_
Talk to me! The art of reporting a Bug, Anastasia Kazakova _
Poetry Club, ThePhD_ (video)_
for_each_adjacent<N>, Marcel Ebmer _
C++ Reflection via Clang LibTooling, Griffin Downs _
The Object Upside Down, Louis Dionne _
We have always been at war with West Constia, Phil Nash _
This is Why We Can't have Nice Things, Jon Kalb _
A Fool's Consistency, Jonathan Müller _
Ø, Serj Bilokhatniuk _


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