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C++Now 2019 Presentations

Slide Deck Guidelines C++Now 2019


Talks that do not have slides or video will have a red question mark () before the talk or the video in its link. You can still click it if you really want, but the link will prooooobably take you to something silly. Links without a red question mark will take you to the slides or video. If it doesn't, then I messed up and you should open an issue!

Monday, May 06

Morning (9:00-10:30) C++ Constants | Daveed Vandevoorde (no slides) (video)
  Flug Hudson Bethe
Morning (11:00-12:30) Matchine: Pattern Matching for Open Sum Types | André Bergner (no slides) (video) Beyond C++17 (Part 2 of N) | Mateusz Pusz ( no video) Property-Based Declarative Containers | Charles Bay (video)
Afternoon (2:30-4:00) A Multithreaded, Transaction-Based Read/Write Locking Strategy for Containers | Bob Steagall (video) How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the C++ Type System (video) Value Proposition: Allocator-Aware (AA) Software (video)
Afternoon (4:30-6:00) Dependency Injection - a 25-dollar term for a 5-cent concept (video) Embedded Domain Specific Languages for Embedded Bare Metal Projects | Michael Caisse (no slides) (video) test_resource: the pmr detective | Attila Feher (video)

Tuesday, May 07

Morning (9:00-10:30) Compile Time Regular Expressions with Deterministic Finite Automata | Hana Dusíková (video)
  Flug Hudson Bethe
Morning (11:00-12:30) Sane and Safe C++ Class Types | Peter Sommerlad (video) Linear Algebra for the Standard C++ Library | Bob Steagall (video) Implementing a Physical Units Library for C++ | Mateusz Pusz (video)
Afternoon (2:30-4:00) Rise of the State Machines | Kris Jusiak (video) Better CTAD for C++20 | Timur Doumler (video) The Truth of a Procedure | Lisa Lippincott (video)
Afternoon (4:30-6:00) The C++20 Standard Library - Beyond Ranges | Jeff Garland (no slides) (video) C++: Engineers Wanted, Programmers not so Much | David Sankel (video) Tacit DSL All the Things | Odin Holmes (no slides) (video)
Afternoon (9:00-10:00) C++Now and CppCon, the View from Inside | Robin Kuzmin (video)    

Wednesday, May 08

Morning (9:00-10:30) The C++ Reflection TS | David Sankel (video)
  Flug Hudson Bethe
Morning (11:00-12:30) Clang Automated Refactoring for Everyone with clangmetatool | Daniel Russo (no slides) (video) A generic binary tree: why grow your own? | Jeremy Murphy (video) Audio in Standard C++ | Timur Doumler (video)
Afternoon (2:30-4:00) Hey C, This Is What Performance Looks like (Manually Generating Optimal Assembly at Compile Time) | Odin Holmes (no slides) (video) Using C++20 Ranges Effectively | Jeff Garland (no slides) (video) Practical Interfaces for Practical Functions | Lisa Lippincott (video)
Afternoon (4:30-6:00) Parametric Expressions: A Proposed Language Feature | Jason Rice (no slides) (video) Higher-order functions and function_ref | Vittorio Romeo (video) Secure Coding Best Practices - Threat Hunting | Matthew Buttler (no slides) (video)

Thursday, May 09

  Flug Hudson Bethe
Morning (9:00-10:30) Trivially Relocatable | Arthur O'Dwyer (video) C++20 in Breadth (not depth!) | Alisdair Meredith (no slides) (video) If You Can't Open It, You Don't Own It | Matthew Buttler (no slides) (video)
Morning (11:00-11:45) Algorithm Intuition | Conor Hoekstra (video) Experiences in Teaching Modern C++ to Beginners | Ryan Dougherty (video) The Impact of Compilers, O/Ses, and Mitigations for Spectre & Meltdown upon a Low-Latency Trading System | Jason McGuinness ( no video)
Morning (11:45-12:30)   The ABI Challenge | Arvid Norberg (video)  
Afternoon (2:30-4:00) Identifying Monoids: Exploiting Compositional Structure in Code (video) Pattern Matching: Match Me If You Can | Michael Park (video) The Ongoing Sga of ISO-C++ Executors | David Hollman (no slides) (video)
Afternoon (4:30-6:00) The View from a C++ Standard Library Maintainer | Marshall Clow (video) Points of Order | Gašper Ažman (no slides) (video) An Alternate Smart Pointer Hierarchy | Matthew Fleming (no slides) (video)

Friday, May 10

  Flug Hudson Bethe
Morning (9:00-10:30) The Many Variants of std::variant | Nevin ":-)" Liber (no slides) (video) The Rough Road Towards Upgrading to C++ Modules | Richárd_Szalay (video) Taking the Plunge Towards CMake in Boost | Paul Fultz II (no slides) (video)
Morning (11:00-12:30) The Plan for Tomorrow: Compile-Time Extension Points in C++ Applications | JeanHeyd Meneide (video) Exceptions Demystified | Andreas Weis (video) C++ Development with Visual Studio Code | Tara Raj (no slides) (video)

Library in a Week

Subject Slides
std::units -- Units for the Standard Library slides
boost.out_ptr slides
Boost.Process to std::process (no slides)

Lightning Talks

Talk Video
Boost.Blockchain | Arthur O'Dwyer (video)
C++ Algorithms in Haskell and the Haskell Playground | Conor Hoekstra (video)
Putting integer_sequence on a Diet | Vittorio Romeo (video)
template <template ...> | Kris Jusiak (video)
Undefined Behavior - Not What You Expect | Oded Shimon (video)
Rule of DesDeMovA | Peter Sommerlad (video)
Distributed Object Abstraction using HPX | Weile Wei (video)
multi_span<...> | Christian Schilling (video)
Moden C++ in Embedded OS Development | Fatih Bakir (video)
Everything is Terrible | Eva Conti (video)
Introduction to hpxMP | Tianyi Zhang (video)
So you want to test your templated code? I know your type! | Jozef Grajciar (video)
Aliasing Redefined | Staffan Tjernström (video)
Apex.AI: Safe and Certified Software for Atnonomous Mobility | Andreas Pasternak (video)
What a Conference! Now That's What I Call C++ 30 | Ben Deane (video)
MFC - the M's for Mixin | Tobias Loew (video)
Thoughts on Curiously Recurring Template Pattern | David S. Hollman (video)
A clean and minimal map API | Chandler Carruth (video)
ISO/IEC 14882 | Timur Doumler (video)
Why You Should Care About Sparse Matrices | Jeff Trull (video)
Debugview++ | Jan Williams (video)
Are we ready for modules? | Dmitry Kozhevnikov (video)
Slab Allocators | Aaditya Kalsi (video)
std::variant & Blockhain | Thomas Catalano (video)
scnlib: Formatted input library | Elias Kounen (video)
WG21 Paper in Markdown | Michael Park (video)
Choose proper container... automatically? | Alexander Zaitsev (video)