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This is a bot that plays by itself the Flappy Bird-based game FlappyMMO.

To use it, open the game page (, open the browser console, paste the contents of the file flappy_bot.js, and press enter to run it.

It adds two checkboxes to the top bar: Autojump and Jump at mouse.

  • Autojump makes the bird automatically jump to pass the gaps on the pipes (on by default).
  • Jump at mouse changes the autojump behavior so it jumps at the mouse position (off by default).

All AI is done by reading the canvas, and the jump is done by simulating a mouse press.

Since it read the pixels value to understand the game, it may have issues on:

  • Player's nicknames (shouldn't be an issue after the 3rd pipe, where there are few people).
  • "Performance" mode, where the other birds have full alpha.
  • The end of the game, where there are no pipes remaining.

So, for best results disable "performance mode", don't use a nickname and give it a few tries to get past the mass of the players.

While it is autoplaying, you can still jump manually or change to other browser tabs.

PS: this was made for fun. Creating bots that understand images is always fun, and flappy is perfect for this. I don't know if scores made this way are actually submitted, and there's no effort at disguising itself.


Auto player for the FlapMMO game



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