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Welcome to the CogAlg wiki!

Most of the programming is currently done by Khanh Nguyen, according to the principles introduced in README. I edit and paste his updates here for an overview, but his repository is best for running code. The code is divided into three self-contained folders:


  • line_POC is 1st-level core algorithm, to demonstrate basic principles. It works but is not effective for recognition and prediction in our 4D space-time.

frame_2D alg: currently a work-in-progress, will process still images:

  • frame_blobs defines initial blobs: contiguous areas of same-sign deviation of gradient per pixel. This is a basic clustering / segmentation within an image, but resulting blobs contain comparison-derived parameters for future inter-blob comparison. The code is functional.

  • intra_blob_debug: conditional recursively extended search within selected blobs and then sub_blobs, which converts them into master blob and respective sub_blobs:

    • intra_comp_debug is called by intra_blob to perform branch-specific extended comparison and form a corresponding master blob. Each layer of intra-blob may call four types of deeper comparison branches:
    • comp_angle computes and compares angle of gradient, to define sub- angle_blobs: contiguous areas of same-sign deviation of difference between angles of adjacent gradients
    • comp_gradient compares gradient to define sub_blobs of same-sign deviation of higher-derivation gradients
    • comp_range compares input parameter at incrementally greater range to define sub- range_blobs: contiguous areas of same-sign deviation of extended-range gradients
    • comp_P_draft: a draft for comparison between vertically consecutive Ps: horizontal slices of blob segments. This will be similar to higher levels of 1D alg.
  • inter_blob:

    higher levels of 2D alg will compare between blobs within image, forming incrementally higher-composition super-blobs. There is no code on that yet.


  • video_draft() is a 3D extension of outdated frame_blobs. Eventually, it will extend all of 2D alg with time dimension. This version will hopefully be fully recursive and effective in real world.

Higher levels for each D-cycle alg will process discontinuous search among full-D patterns. Complete hierarchical algorithm will have two-level code:

  • 1st level algorithm: contiguous cross-comparison over full-D cycle, plus feedback to adjust most and least significant bits of the input.
  • Recurrent increment in complexity, extending current-level alg to next-level alg. This increment will account for increasing internal complexity of input patterns on higher levels, unfolding them for cross-comparison and re-folding results for evaluation and feedback.

We will then add colors, maybe audio and text. Initial testing could be recognition of labeled images, but 2D is a poor representation of our 4D world, we will probably start directly with video or stereo video.

Suggestions and collaboration are most welcome, see CONTRIBUTING.

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