The very small php Template
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It's a very simplest php template for small project. For install it, you must use composer (PHP package manager) like this.

composer require bowphp/tintin

Documentation is available in english and frensh.

Sublime Text Support

How to install Sublime Package Control

  • Search for Bow Tintin and install it / Download or clone this repository into [install-dir]/Packages/bow-tintin
  • Restart Sublime Text.
  • Reopen any .tintin or .tintin.php files.
  • Enjoy 😄


Franck DAKIA is a Full Stack developer currently based in Africa, Ivory Coast, Abidjan. Passionate about code, and collaborative development, Speaker, Trainer and Member of several communities of developers.

Contact: - @franck_dakia

Please, if there is a bug on the project please contact me by email or leave me a message on the slack.