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20+ Web Projects With Vanilla JavaScript

This is the main repository for all of the projects in the course.

# Project Live Demo
01 Form Validator Live Demo
02 Movie Seat Booking Live Demo
03 Custom Video Player Live Demo
04 Exchange Rate Calculator Live Demo
05 DOM Array Methods Project Live Demo
06 Menu Slider & Modal Live Demo
07 Hangman Game Live Demo
08 Mealfinder App Live Demo
09 Expense Tracker Live Demo
10 Music Player Live Demo
11 Infinite Scrolling Live Demo
12 Typing Game Live Demo
13 Speech Text Reader Live Demo
14 Memory Cards Live Demo
15 LyricsSearch App Live Demo
16 Relaxer App Live Demo
17 Breakout Game Live Demo
18 New Year Countdown Live Demo
19 Speak Number Guessing Game Live Demo
20 Product Filtering UI Live Demo

NOTE ON PULL REQUESTS: All of these projects are part of the course. While I do appreciate people trying to make some things prettier or adding new features, we are only accepting pull requests and looking at issues for bug fixes so that the code stays inline with the course


Mini projects built with HTML5, CSS & JavaScript. No frameworks or libraries






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