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Avoids having to encode blobs in queries.

@nraynaud nraynaud bind Buffer variables as binary values
Avoids having to encode blobs in query.

I appreciate the pull request - especially since it contains tests!

Let's discuss a bit before merging, just to be safe.

  • can you provide an integration test or two that actually round-trips to the database and back?
  • will this work with the native client as well as pure javascript?
  • do you think the same functionality could be achieved by monkey-patching at a higher level?

Reason I ask is mostly because I'd like to have the javascript & native bindings be drop in replacement for one another. To add more 'advanced' functionality like this though, the two would likely have to diverge. I know there are a few things you simply cannot do w/ the native libpq which you can do with the binary protocol such as intermixing binary & text parameters in the same query.

  • I'll check your current integration tests, but I started developing in node.js 3 days ago, so I don't feel I can do fancy stuff
  • I didn't event check the native client, I'm trying to limit my exposure to C/C++
  • I guess I could monkey-patch the whole method, I don't see any other mean

Why don't you go full binary ? I don't exactly know what I'm talking about, so don't mind if this proposition is silly, but I suppose strings remain the same and the other stuff is just smaller.

I send zipped files to my DB, and I'll send other binary data soon, so it's a plus to have native binary.


I see "paramFormats" that looks the same here :


What's the status of this?


I believe the status is I'm still waiting to see if there can be any integration tests provided for this.


A random buffer posting and then fetching wouldn't do as a test?

@brianc brianc closed this Jul 10, 2013
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