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Serverless noco-sls-chat

This is a Serverless project which creates a websocket chat backend. It's quite basic, but supports some standard features including setting a nickname, multiple channels, and broadcasting messages to channel members. The coolest this is that this is entirely serverless and in Python!



Getting started

  • Add AWS credentials into the envs/$(whoami) file. This file can be named anything, but I suggest your username or something else specific. You can just name it envs/dev as well. See envs/example for help. Use us-west-2 as your default region, others will not function properly.
  • Start up the shell with docker: ENV=$(whoami) make shell NOTE: The value after ENV= is merely the name of the file you created. So if you created the envs/dev file, do ENV=dev. Now you're in your Docker container which has all of the necessary libraries and tooling.

Run all of the following commands in your Docker container!

  • Run make deploy
  • This will deploy everything you need to AWS. You'll see a websocket URI from the output of that command, something like wss://
  • Install wscat by just running yarn (still in the /code directory)
  • In two different terminals: ./node_modules/.bin/wscat -c wss://YOUR_WS_ENDPOING
  • Now start'll see messages from one window pop up into another.


  • /name bz - Change your display name to bz
  • /channel random - Change to the random channel. Default channel is general
  • /help

Dev setup

This project was bootstrapped using the my Serverless Cookiecutter template. This is a opinionated setup in order to facilitate developing, running and bootstrapping Serverless projects authored in Python.

For more information, see the following:

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