Replication material for a paper on copyright control, coauthored with Pierre Gueydier.
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Code related to a working paper that was first presented at the AFSP Annual Meeting in Paris, 2013. See Section 1 of this paper and its appendix, or read the HOWTO below for a technical summary.


The scraper currently collects slightly over 6,300 articles from

  • (including articles from
  • (first lines only for paid content)
  • (left-censored to December 2011)
  • (first lines only for paid content)
  • (including old articles from


The entry point is make.r:

  • get_articles will scrape the news sources (adjust page counters to current website search results to update the data)
  • get_corpus will extract all entities and list the most common ones (set minimum frequency with threshold; defaults to 10)
  • get_ranking will export the top 15 central nodes of the co-occurrence network to the tables folder, in Markdown format
  • get_network returns the co-occurrence network, optionally trimmed to its top quantile of weighted edges (set with threshold; defaults to 0)


  • corpus.terms.csv – a list of all entities, ordered by their raw counts
  • corpus.freqs.csv – a list of entities found in each article
  • corpus.edges.csv – a list of undirected weighted network ties


  • The weighting scheme is inversely proportional to the number of entity pairs in each article.
  • The weighted degree formula is by Tore Opsahl and uses an alpha parameter of 1.