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A Brigade 2 compatible gateway for events originating from GitHub repos


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Brigade Github Gateway

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Brigade Github Gateway receives webhooks from one or more GitHub Apps, transforms them to Brigade events, and emits them into Brigade's event bus.

After installation, subscribe any number of Brigade projects to events emitted by this gateway -- all of which have a value of in their source field.

In the example project definition below, we subscribe to all watch:started events emitted by this gateway, provided they've originated from the example-org/example-repo repository (see the repo qualifier). You should adjust this value to match a repository into which you have installed your new GitHub App (see installation instructions).

⚠️  Counterintuitively, the watch:started event occurs when someone stars a repository; not when they start watching it. This is a peculiarity of GitHub and not a peculiarity of this gateway. To learn more about the webhooks handled by this gateway and their corresponding events, check out the event reference.

kind: Project
  id: github-demo
description: A project that demonstrates integration with GitHub
  - source:
    - watch:started
      repo: example-org/example-repo
      brigade.js: |-
        const { events } = require("@brigadecore/brigadier");

        events.on("", "watch:started", () => {
          console.log("Someone starred the example-org/example-repo repository!");


Assuming this file were named project.yaml, you can create the project like so:

$ brig project create --file project.yaml

Adding a star to the repo should now send a webhook from GitHub to your gateway. The gateway, in turn, will emit an event into Brigade's event bus. Brigade should initialize a worker (containerized event handler) for every project that has subscribed to the event, and the worker should execute the brigade.js script that was embedded in the project definition.

List the events for the github-demo project to confirm this:

$ brig event list --project github-demo

Full coverage of brig commands is beyond the scope of this documentation, but at this point, additional brig commands can be applied to monitor the event's status and view logs produced in the course of handling the event.

Further Reading

  • Installation: Check this out if you're an operator who wants to integrate GitHub with your Brigade installation.
  • Implementing CI/CD: Check this out if you're a script author interested in this gateway's most common use case: Enabling you to define and execute CI/CD pipelines in Brigade.
  • Event Reference: Check this out if you're a script author or contributor who requires detailed information about all the webhooks handled by this gateway and the corresponding events the gateway emits into Brigade.


The Brigade project accepts contributions via GitHub pull requests. The Contributing document outlines the process to help get your contribution accepted.

Support & Feedback

We have a Slack channel! Visit to join us. We welcome any support questions or feedback.

To report an issue or to request a feature, open an issue here.

Code of Conduct

Participation in the Brigade project is governed by the CNCF Code of Conduct.