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What is this?

Bookmarks is a very simple iOS App to store bookmarks. When starting the application it checks your pasteboard and automatically adds a found url.

In what state is this project?

This project was developed in a day and there are many things to do!


Specific small things:

  • cleanup doh
  • animate adding, removing, updating bookmarks
  • parse the favicon url when adding the bookmark, not when displaying it
  • precaching the favicon?
  • optimize favicon downloading code
  • optimize asynchronous image downloading code
  • add content/help screen
  • optimize the observing on the BookmarkStorage
  • follow HTTP redirects before determining which url to add
  • add a logic to regulary scan through all bookmarks and update them (do we really want that, or do we want to keep the originals?)
  • Add an Icon
  • Add some color

General ideas:

  • Add search! This is the main idea of this tool. To search the content of the website.
  • Add a share Extension
  • Screenshots. Render the websites and use them to display the bookmarks.
  • Categorizing Bookmarks.
  • Sync
  • Optimize the Browser: ** navigate backwards and forwards ** add the current page to the bookmarks ** Add a open-in-safari button