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Rockstar syntax highlighting package for Sublime Text

Sublime Text 3 syntax definition for the Rockstar programming language for all of you Rockstar developers out there. Want pretty colors flashing on your screen as you rock out on your keyboard? This is the package for you.


Using Package Control

If you have package control installed, then this will be easy. Open the Command Palette (Ctrl+Shift+P or Tools -> Command Palette). Select "Install Package", then search for this package by typing "Rockstar".

Without package control, using Git

Clone the repository into your Sublime Text "Packages" directory:

git clone git://

Without package control or Git

Create a folder in your Sublime Text packages folder (Preferences -> Browse Packages) named "Rockstar".

Download the .zip from GitHup, extract those files, and place them in the Rockstar folder you just made.


I am maintaining this package here on my GitHub. Please submit any Issues or Pull Requests that you think could improve the package.

Because the language definition might change, parts of this syntax definition might become invalid. Please let me know what I can do to keep this package up to date.

Right now, I would really like any syntax_test. files that I can use to test this package. Additionally, I would like any Rockstar source files that I could adapt to turn into a syntax test. I would also love it if you opened issues pointing out flaws or bugs as new features of the Rockstar language are released! Finally, any screenshots of Rockstar code using this syntax highlighter taht I could post here would be appreciated.


This code is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0.


Syntax highlighting for the Rockstar language in Sublime Text 3




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