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console-browserify Build Status

Emulate console for all the browsers


You usually do not have to install console-browserify yourself! If your code runs in Node.js, console is built in. If your code runs in the browser, bundlers like browserify or webpack also include the console-browserify module when you do require('console').

But if none of those apply, with npm do:

npm install console-browserify


var console = require("console")
// Or when manually using console-browserify directly:
// var console = require("console-browserify")

console.log("hello world!")


See the Node.js Console docs. console-browserify does not support creating new Console instances and does not support the Inspector-only methods.


PRs are very welcome! The main way to contribute to console-browserify is by porting features, bugfixes and tests from Node.js. Ideally, code contributions to this module are copy-pasted from Node.js and transpiled to ES5, rather than reimplemented from scratch. Matching the Node.js code as closely as possible makes maintenance simpler when new changes land in Node.js. This module intends to provide exactly the same API as Node.js, so features that are not available in the core console module will not be accepted. Feature requests should instead be directed at nodejs/node and will be added to this module once they are implemented in Node.js.

If there is a difference in behaviour between Node.js's console module and this module, please open an issue!


  • Raynos