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detect and report syntax errors in source code strings
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Detect and report syntax errors in source code strings.

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When you type node src.js you get a friendly error report about exactly where the syntax error is. This module lets you check for syntax errors and report them in a similarly friendly format that wrapping a try/catch around Function() or vm.runInNewContext() doesn't get you.


var fs = require('fs');
var check = require('syntax-error');

var file = __dirname + '/src.js';
var src = fs.readFileSync(file);

var err = check(src, file);
if (err) {
    console.error('ERROR DETECTED' + Array(62).join('!'));

$ node check.js
ERROR DETECTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        if (Array.isArray(x) res.push.apply(res, x);
ParseError: Unexpected identifier


var check = require('syntax-error')

var err = check(src, file, opts={})

Check the source code string src for syntax errors. Optionally you can specify a filename file that will show up in the output.

If src has a syntax error, return an error object err that can be printed or stringified.

If there are no syntax errors in src, return undefined.

Options will be passed through to acorn-node. acorn-node defaults to options that match the most recent Node versions.


Return the long string description with a source snippet and a ^ under pointing exactly where the error was detected.



short string description of the error type


line number of the error in the original source (indexing starts at 1)


column number of the error in the original source (indexing starts at 1)


With npm do:

npm install syntax-error



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