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Selenium examples for MBUnit and BrowserStack Automate
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MBUnit Integration with BrowserStack.

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Running your tests from Test Explorer via NUnit Test Adapter

  • To run a single test, run test with fixture single
  • To run local tests, run test with fixture local
  • To run parallel tests, run tests with fixture parallel

Understand how many parallel sessions you need by using our Parallel Test Calculator


  • You can view your test results on the BrowserStack automate dashboard

  • To test on a different set of browsers, check out our platform configurator

  • You can export the environment variables for the Username and Access Key of your BrowserStack account

    export BROWSERSTACK_USERNAME=<browserstack-username> &&
    export BROWSERSTACK_ACCESS_KEY=<browserstack-access-key>
  • To run more tests in parallel, you will need to use a runner/VS plugin like ReSharper

Additional Resources

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