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A ruby gem for working with BrowserStack through its API.(V2 API only)


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'browserstack'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install browserstack

Example of Use

First, you're probably gonna want to require it:

require 'browserstack'

Creating Client

Creates a new client instance.

  • settings: A hash of settings that apply to all requests for the new client.
    • username: The username for the BrowserStack account.
    • password: The password for the BrowserStack account.
client = "foo", password: "foobar")


####Getting available browsers Fetches all available browsers.

client.get_browsers #returns a hash

or for a specific OS


####Getting list of supported OS


####Creating a worker A worker is simply a new browser instance.

enc_url = URI.escape("\111\\115")
settings = {os: "win", browser: "ie", version: "7.0", url: enc_url}
worker_id = client.create_worker(settings)

A worker id is returned after worker gets created.

  • settings: A hash of settings for the worker
    • os: Which OS to use for the new worker.
    • browser/device: Which browser/device to use in the new worker. Which property to use depends on the OS.
    • version: Which version of the specified browser to use.
    • url : Which URL to navigate to upon creation.
    • timeout (optional): defaults to 300 seconds. Use 0 for "forever" (BrowserStack will kill the worker after 1,800 seconds).

####Terminating a worker Use this method to terminate an active worker. A hash with indicating how long the worker was alive is returned.

data = client.terminate_worker(worker_id)

####Getting worker status Determines whether the worker is in queue, running or terminated.

worker = client.get_worker_status(worker_id)
  • worker: A hash representing the current status of the worker and worker properties.
    • returns an empty hash if worker is terminated.

####Getting all workers of a client

workers = client.get_workers

Returns an array of all workers with all their properties


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