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eZ Publish 5 Virtual Machine

This is a sample setup of Vagrant that uses puppet to provision a virtual machine running eZ Publish 5.

It's a quick and easy way to check out the a eZ Publish 5 version ( by default the latest community versions of eZ Publish 5 ) without the hassle of setting up a specific environment on your machine or in VM.


On your local machine install:

Assumes that you have a terminal (ssh / console) and optionally git installed.


The following steps will set up a Ubuntu 12.04 LTS based VM for development. The set up process will take some time as there are some large (~400 MB) downloads. This will only happen the first time this process is run.

1. Get the environment

Gets the server configuration (puppet) and VM configuration (Vagrant).

Using GIT, run the following commands:

git clone
cd vagrant-puppet-ezpublish

OR, download zip archive & extract it:

2. [Optional] Customize eZ Publish 5 version

If you would like to use another eZ Publish version then the one used by default, then you can put an .tar.gz file inside the current folder and customize ezpublish::install instructions in:


There is an example of how this is done in the end of the file.

3. Start VM and provision

Starts up the VM and sets up the server. Some steps will take some time as they are downloading & installing packages etc.

vagrant up

4. Visit site

Point you browser at

You'll be presented with the eZ Publish configuration wizard. eZ Publish can be installed as per

Outgoing Email
Select "Sendmail/MTA"

Database initialization
Servername: localhost
Username: ezpublish
Password: password

Controlling VM once installed

Once installed you have access to do several operations on the running VM instance as presented below.

SSH into the VM

To ssh into the VM run the following command:

vagrant ssh

eZ Publish can be found in the directory /var/www/

Halt VM

The following command will stop the VM:

vagrant halt

It can be restarted by running:

vagrant up

Re installation (with different eZ Publish 5 version)

VM can be reconfigured and re-installed with a different version of eZ Publish in matters of some minutes once already installed. You first need to customize eZ Publish 5 version as described in installation step #2 and then perform the following commands:

vagrant destroy
vagrant up

Uninstall VM & Ubuntu image

The following command will remove the VM completly:

vagrant destroy

If you also want to remove the box (the Ubunutu 12.04 image) installed:

vagrant box remove precise32 virtualbox


Vagrant config that uses puppet to configure eZPublish sites






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