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So... just what is the Nu Game Engine?

"The Nu Game Engine is the world's first practical functional 2D and 3D cross-platform game engine. Built in F#, it offers a declarative MVU-based API called MMCC (Model-Message-Command-Content). Nu offers a path to a future where game developers are liberated from the snowballing complexity of overly-imperative game programming styles. After 10,000 commits, the implementation has matured enough to prove both the efficacy and viability of functional programming techniques in games in terms of performance, programmability, and reliability. Nu currently utilizes SDL2, OpenGL, Aether 2D Physics, and Bullet 3D Physics."

"...everything that I can think of that makes games programming so awful seems to have a solution in your engine!" - @Sigmoid

This repository hosts several projects, including -

Getting Started with Nu

Look here to get started with your own project in Nu -

Some Media on the Nu Game Engine

image Real-time WYSIWYG editing with hot asset and live code reloading, and the ability to undo and redo gameplay.

image Animated 3D model rendering with physically-based, deferred rendering with soft shadows.

image Rendering made efficient with instancing-by-default.

image First class support for unified 2D game development in our fully realized 20-hour indie RPG, OmniBlade.

image A critical battle with evil itself!

image Directly editing the entire game state in the new editor.

image Algebraic terrain rendering thanks to contributions from @deanjl.

image Our little 3D dog-fooding demo, TerraFirma.

image Recursive Prefab-like functionality via Entity Structure Propagation.

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