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This package provides a wrapper around CoolProp that integrates Pint for easy thermodynamic state management in any unit system.



The preferred installation method is to use conda. Using Conda, ThermoState can be installed for Python 3.9 and up. You can create a new environment with:

conda create -n thermostate -c conda-forge thermostate


Alternatively, ThermoState can be installed with pip.

python -m pip install thermostate

From Source

ThermoState is a pure-Python package that supports any Python version 3.9 and higher. To install from source, clone the source code repository and install using pip.

git clone
cd thermostate
python -m pip install .


Documentation can be found at The documentation contains a short tutorial, examples, and API documentation for the package.

Documentation Status


If you have used ThermoState in your work, we would appreciate including a citation to the software! ThermoState has been published in JOSE, available at the link below.


For those using Bib(La)TeX, you can use the following entry

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Code of Conduct & Contributing

We welcome contributions from anyone in the community. Please look at the Contributing instructions for more information. This project follows the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct, version 1.4. In short, be excellent to each other.

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