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jQuery UI Extensions

This my collection of customizations and enhancements to the standard jQuery UI library. So far, this includes:

  • Spinner: Add alignment to the available options to create four different alternative layouts for the spin buttons.

  • SlideSpinner: Adds a Slider control to the Spinner to enable visual reference to where a user is in the valid range and a faster way to change values.

  • LabeledSlider: Adds tick marks at configurable intervals to the Slider control. Optional text labels can also be passed to the widget.

  • ComboBox: Enhances the demo provided on the jQueryUI site by adding a value function and some addtional features.

  • WaitButton: Extends the default jQueryUI Button widget by adding a spinner and disabling the button when its clicked. Prevents multiple clicking and provides visual feedback that something is happening.

  • TimePicker: Uses several Spinner widgets to allow entering time. The spinners will automatically rollover another time component (ie hours flip from 11 -> 12 so AM -> PM and minutes cause hours to increment/decrement). Read this blog post for more information.

  • Scrollable: Moved to bseth99/jquery-ui-scrollable

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